What does Knoto do?

Knoto uses face recognition to get you the photos you’re in, and automatically send selected friends the photos they’re in.

Who is Knoto for?

Knoto is perfect for friends and families who take a lot of photos of each other. You can even set it up so that one friend gets the photos of another — ideal for sending photos of kids to their parents.

What else?

Photos that are received on Knoto don’t take up any memory on your phones until they’re saved. So you can send 100s of photos without worrying about blowing up your friends’ phones.

Our Team

Jonas Lee photo

Jonas Lee

Serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in conceptualizing and commercializing new technology products. Graduate of Brandeis University and Harvard Business School.
Chris Yun photo

Chris Yun

Creative (Duct Tape) Director
Jonas’ brother-in-law. He needed a job.
Abner Guzmán-Rivera, Ph.D. photo

Abner Guzmán-Rivera, Ph.D.

CTO and Chief Scientist
Award-winning researcher in computer vision and statistical machine learning. Graduate of ITESM and Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Lee Hasiuk photo

Lee Hasiuk

EVP Engineering
Full stack software engineer and architect with extensive mobile, desktop, and server experience across a wide variety of applications. Graduate of Caltech.
Andrea Gariboldi photo

Andrea Gariboldi

Cloud Architect
Server side expert with 15 years experience building scalable architectures. He lives on the northwest coast of Italy. He wins.
Clint Solomon, M.S. photo

Clint Solomon, M.S.

Research Software Engineer
Computer vision and machine learning researcher. Graduate from Virginia Tech. Previously, a System Software Engineer at Hewlett-Packard.
Sarah Cannon photo

Sarah Cannon

UX Lead & Product Manager
Broad UX and product design within Idealab for various mobile app start-ups. Graduate of Harvard University.
Erik Learned-Miller, Ph.D. photo

Erik Learned-Miller, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisor
Faculty of Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst since 2004. Extensive research in computer vision and machine learning. Graduate of Yale and MIT.
Travis Garland photo

Travis Garland

Marketing Specialist
Researcher obsessed with finding the silver lining. Graduate of Murray State Univeristy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Knoto do?

Knoto uses face recognition to get you the photos you’re in, and automatically send selected friends the photos they’re in.

How does Knoto work?

Knoto uses advanced face recognition technology to detect and recognize the people in your photos, and then make sending the right photos to the right friends easy and even automatic. Turn on the friends to whom you want to AutoSend and start taking photos. Knoto also let’s you know when friends have new photos of you, so you can immediately request them.

Can friends see my photos without my permission?

No, no one can see your photos unless you send them. Knoto is private.

Can I see my friends’ photos without their permission?

No, you can’t see your friends’ photos unless they approve.

How do I invite friends to Knoto?

If they’re your Facebook friend, they’ll show up as a Knoto friend too. Or just send them some photos — they’ll receive an email or text with a link to the photos as well as an invite to get the app.

Why should I invite friends to Knoto?

The more friends you have on Knoto, the more photos we’re likely to find of you that you can request.

What else is amazing about Knoto?

If you and a friend both have Knoto installed, it’s easy to quickly send 100s of photos at a time to each other. You don’t have to worry about using up all your friend’s memory because we initially send Instagram-size thumbnails that don’t take much memory. Friends can download the full-sized versions of the ones they want to keep.

Why is it called Knoto?

With AutoSending, your photos automatically know where to go. So we named the company Knoto, which is a combination of “knowledge” and “photo.”

What information does Knoto upload or store?

To assist our face recognition process, we crop out the faces in your photos and upload them to our secure servers (we don’t upload your phone’s entire photo library). Other than cropped faces, the only images we store on our servers are the photos that you send to friends, which we temporarily store in order to give your recipients time to download full-sized versions to their phone. This lets you to send 100s of photos without using up much memory on your friends’ phones.

Can I delete my account at any time?

Of course. Doing so will delete all data and images on our servers.


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